Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#whOWNSpace -- Mapping NYC

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The double sided map above serves as a spatial visualization tool -- locating open spaces and comparing governing bodies of public and private control.
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The 1% weOWNu map focuses on Privately-Owned Public Spaces (POPS) as well as institutions of private funding, specifying financial institutions that received bail-out funds in 2008.
The goal of doing so, is to direct attention to the constitutions that control the flow of capital. These funding institutions are essential in the transfer of ownership from the city to private interests.

The 99% weOWNu map focuses
on publicly-owned open spaces and the city agencies that control those holdings.

Both maps provide a framework for a larger study to:

-comparatively map POPS and publicly-owned open spaces, identify their intentions, and understand the political, corporate, and economic entities that control them
-organize with community and activist groups so that designers can collaboratively strategize to advance the use of these spaces.

In the next steps we will use interactive tools to gather information from a multitude of partners, lead an event with The Public School NYC to begin to make sense of the information, and work with designers and community groups to use public space for the public good.

More coming soon...

Maps designed and executed by DSGN AGNC

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  1. Most of these spaces were created as a result of zoning easements, that required private owners to maintain them according to strict rules in exchange for extra floor space. But those rules dictate little in the way of public conduct. Many of these are enclosed and would be a lot warmer in the wintertime than Zuccotti Park. However private owners are allowed to limit access at night so that would need to be challenged if one was selected as a substitute for Zuccotti