Monday, January 30, 2012

#whOWNSpace #GRNPNT Video + Outcomes

Video of the process of organizing and holding the #whOWNSpace #GRNPNT studio/class.

The class was a way to observe, diagram, and propose new uses and a network of open spaces in a large section of Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The class was divided in three sections:

people were asked to take a 1.5 hour walking tour and were asked to observe one of these elements, focusing on the democratic vitality of the open spaces:
1.Access 2.GatheringSpace 3.Boundaries 4.UrbanFurniture 5.Lighting 6.Barriers 7.Signage 8.Personnel 9.Demographics 10.Uses


The elements observed in the step above were diagrammed using 11"x17" maps and a 2'x4' model that #whOWNSpace provided.


The result of the studio was to form a group of designers, journalists, politicians, and other citizens that will continue to advocate and develop a BLACKBELT network of public spaces for community engagement, organizing, and action. We will do this through direct action campaigns, policy changes, and design solutions.

Join Us in this effort - we will need you as we plan and execute BLACKBELT actions (add #GRNPNT to your name)


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