Sunday, December 11, 2011

#whOWNSpace Non-Commercial Space and Sharing at Brooklyn Bazaar

Rendering of Brooklyn Bazaar provided by the Event Organizers and JDS architects
DoTank:Brooklyn, DSGN AGNC, and BRUNO are creating a #whOWNSpace booth for the bartering, lending, and sharing of books and information on urbanism and the urban issues that affect the public space of Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. This space will counter the circus capitalism atmosphere of the market by offering a place for reflection while demonstrating how an economy based on collaborative sharing of information and skills could work.

The space will also be used to:
-Share the mission and work done by the #whOWNSpace collaborative
-Provide an opportunity for people to barter their skills and join the collaborative
-Provide a non-commercial space for rest, reflection, and collaboration

The booth will be present at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar space on December 15th and 16th.

More information:
-Core 77

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